Free Worksheet Links

A Starter Annotated List of Online Worksheet Resources for Early Academics (K-3)

TLS Books

Color the Shapes

Single sheet of color shapes to color directions.

Dopey Dragon

14 pages with several different shape activities, same format for each of the shapes.

Label the shapes

Single page with lines to label shape names.

I’m learning about shapes

One of several shapes for a single page of multiple activities and directions around a single shape.

Match the shapes

Color-coded single sheet connect the shapes. Could be done in black and white for less color cues.

Trace and Color

Use directions to trace/ color specified colors, single sheet.

How Many?

Hidden pictures to count, single sheet

 Counting Dots 1-9

Count small dots/ draw connecting line to correct number

 Counting items pages

One of a series of pages with different numbers of items to count and circle the specified number.


Counting Farm Animals

Animals with number to connect line to same. Single sheet

 Counting Fingers and Toes

Fill in the numbers on the fingers and toes. Single sheet

Mushroom count and color

Various count and color activities, single sheet.

 Count the Chicks

One of variety of counting activities: Circle correct number, color. Single sheet

How many at circus

8 counting activities to circle. Single sheet

Snowflake match

Count and connect to correct number

Apple dot-to-dot

1-10 connect dots

Apple tree color, count and paste

Color, color specified number of apples, cut out, paste.

Pepperoni pizza book

Cut and paste counting book

Apple tree counting book

Cut and paste counting book

Acrobat jugglers

Count and color to directions, single page

Cupcake fun

Draw candles to match numbers

How many?


2 page count and write, match-connect worksheet

Counting practice 4-7

Count and circle correct number

How many dinosaurs?

Count and circle correct number

Counting Candy

Count and circle correct number

Match objects to pictures

Count and match to number

Count and circle

Count and circle 7-10 single page

Trace and count shapes

Follow directions to trace and count single page.