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Image Search Helpers

Custom Images

You can search images directly from this site or click on the gadget to enter the Google Image Search Site. ctrl-click (Mac) or right-click (PC) provides a menu of options, including copy and save file. Found images on this page unlikely to be a size suitable for printing. Click through to the image and select "show full-sized image" for best results.

Flickr Image Search

You can search images without joining and without leaving this page. For Mac, hold down ctrl key while clicking on the found image. Scroll to copy or save image. For PC, right-click for the drop-down menu.

Other Links for Images

Click on the link below to go to any of the listed sites. For full description, see "Helpful Links" page. Option-click (Mac) or right-click (PC) gives the option to open the selected link in another tab or another window so that this page remains open.

Tips For Getting Images from the Web

To copy an image to the clipboard for pasting into your document or into the Boardmaker dictionary, do the following, depending on your operating system:


PC: Click on the image using the right click button. Scroll down to “copy image.” Note the other options, including saving the image as a file for later use.


Mac: Anything you would right-click for using a PC, you can hold down the “ctrl” key to the left of the keyboard. Click the image while holding down the “ctrl” key and scroll down to “copy image.”

The image can now be pasted into your document via “edit:paste” menu command.


Some Google search strategies:

Use quotes to hold important phrases together “washing hands” or “hand washing.” Try different phrases when using quotes. Hand washing without the quotes might get an article about getting chapped hands while washing the car (example)


In an image search, you may get several unrelated pictures. This is because all photos on the page containing your word or phrase will be displayed.


Use a “-“ directly preceding a word or phrase (no space) if you wish to eliminate it from the search.  For example, If you are looking for a picture of jasmine (the flower) and keep coming up with a certain Disney character, enter the following:

Jasmine -princess

You can keep adding “-“ as needed and add an extra term you are sure would also be on a page containing that image:

Jasmine flower –princess –rice –tea


If the image you see within the search is the size of the picture you wanted, take the image from there. If it is smaller, click on the image and then click on “view full-sized image.”