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Resource CD
CD includes the following resources for printables, tasks and jobs:.
  • Jobs and Work System materials:
    • Pencil sharpening job with instructions, posters and graphics with directions for different tasks
    • Supply order task with printable labels and  order form
    • Plant watering work system with printable graphics and instructions
  • Detailed instructions and materials for leveled instruction in written* descriptive sentences for verbs and leading to pronoun usage. *Instructions are for velcro words for written expression, but can be adapted for hand writing task.
  • Mathematics materials:
    • Hour and half-hour time activities with directions for different tasks with the materials
    • Character counting book template (add favorite cartoon characters for motivation)
    • Addition board and counters with instructions for different ways to use the materials.
  • Graphic sets for making motivating tasks
    • Ice cream cone and scoops task graphics
    • Baseball glove and ball task graphics and idea sheet for tasks
    • Clocks and digital times (hour and half-hour)
  • Vocabulary instruction (Match, receptive, expressive) and Assessment materials (ABLLS)
    • Vocabulary: Categories: Nine different Bingo sets/category instruction sets:
      • Animals
      • Clothing
      • Toys
      • Sports
      • Foods
      • Vegetables
      • Furniture
      • Art Supplies
      • Body Parts
    • Directions on how to prepare materials and use them in several ways to teach vocabulary and categorization.
    • Data sheet for match/receptive/expressive vocabulary instruction
    • Picture Word Cards: Animals
    • Picture Word Cards: Food
    • Picture Word Cards: Transportation
    • Domino Card (Match/Receptive/Expressive vocabulary)
    • Vocabulary Cards: Functions of Objects (ABLLS assessment)
    • Vocabulary Cards: Nouns (MRE vocabulary, ABLLS assessment)
    • Associations sets
  • Templates
    • Domino templates (3"x3" and 2.5" x2.5")
    • Three tile (for comparing two items, functions and categories)

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