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Framework for Structured Teaching Across the School Day


Q: What size should the teams be?

A: Teams of two or more are required, since this is a collaborative process. Three to four is ideal, but if teams feel they can work together effectively, they may be larger.

Q. How much is the workshop?

A. $375.00 per person if paid before June 1, 2013 and $395.00 per person thereafter.

Q. I am not 100% sure I can get together a team. Can I do a tentative registration?

A. Yes. However, you must still provide your billing information, as this contact will be used to determine whether or not you wish to continue to hold the slot after June 1st. After that date, all reserved slots are due and payable, even if your team cancels. Your billing contact will be contacted before June 1st for confirmation.

Q: Who should we consider inviting to be part of the team?

A: We require a case manager or person who can make decisions on the IEP. Parent(s) of the student of your case study are excellent additions to the team. We strongly encourage the inclusion of related service personnel such as occupational therapists and speech/language pathologists. It is often very helpful to include general education teachers and paraprofessionals in the process.

Q: Will I get a certificate for professional development purposes?

A: -Yes. They will be provided on site

Q: What should we bring to the workshop?

A: Bring the IEP at a glance, one laptop (PC or Mac) per team and a binder with several dividers. The software is considered a file, so may not need an administrative password to install on your computer. To be on the safe side, you may want to ask for a temporary password for administrated computers.

Q: What is the Structure Planning Tool software provided at the workshop?

A: The software leads teams through the comprehensive process of making multiple decisions about all aspects of structure. This assists the team in making updated decisions as the student advances and applying the process for other students

Q: I attended the training last year and got the software. Can I get an update?

A: Yes. Once the software update is completed, last years' participants will receive an email with instructions to get the free update.

Q: I attended the training previously. Is there a benefit of taking the course again?

A: Yes! Other participants have repeated the course in order to join their teams to plan for a different student or to update the plan for the same student. Participants who attended the training prior to 2011 will receive our new software, Structure Planning Tool, free with attendance. Those who attended the training a few years ago will see updated content and will have the benefit of a refresher.

Q: My business office is asking for a W-9. Can you provide me with that?

A: - Yes. Just send an email to and name of the person who needs it, and it will be provided.

Q: What if I can't get the purchase order number by the time of registration?

A: -While it is preferable that you get the P.O. number in advance, it is important that you register early in order to retain your spot. You may email  that information after you have registered. Teams who have not provided a PO number by June 10th risk losing their spot to teams who have provided a PO number.

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